Patience is virtue

I have always rushed into things in my life from decision making to saying things that I should not have uttered. Even on a shopping spree my impatience rules and later I would be regretting my wrongdoings and nursing my wounds in private.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Friends n Food go hand in hand

I love eating but of course eating alone would not be fun except when you are eating to continue living.. Since I was young, I love reading while eating..hmm not a good habit in my mother's book but of course that is one thing that I continue doing disregarding mom's good advice.

Now, there is another habit that I love doing and I am sure most of us will agree that we need good company when it comes to eating. Yup! this a recipe guaranteed to ensure the increment of 2 kilos per outing... I know I'm looking for trouble when I love going out with a group of close friends and our main activity would be trying out new eating places and coming back for more if the cafes, bistros, stalls, kopitiams and bla bla bla are agreeable to our palate.. :)))) I like this! It has stopped with the birth of my daughter August last year and recently we have begun our own version of 'Jalan-jalan cari makan' when time is at our disposal.

Thankfully, Ramadhan is approaching to curb our unstoppable quest allowing our overworked intestines some much needed rest. However, the images of 'Pasar Ramadhan with sumptuous delicacies, mouth watering desserts and other temptations are not cooperating well with my plan to maintain number of kilos that has put a smile on my weighing scale.

Here are photos of our recent outings.. our tummies agreed with the food and I really cherish the time spent with these close friends. (some problems with uploading photos... will do it later then :( .......)

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