Patience is virtue

I have always rushed into things in my life from decision making to saying things that I should not have uttered. Even on a shopping spree my impatience rules and later I would be regretting my wrongdoings and nursing my wounds in private.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Shopaholic in trouble

Should I seek professional help? My question would trigger ideas in people's mind that I may be experiencing some kind of problems related to seeing a doctor, a shrink, a lawyer and maybe a counselor. They hit the bull's eye because I got this frightful feeling that I'm turning into an online shopaholic for everything that catches my fancy and will buy something to ease my stress. I know it is unhealthy and your response would be ` it's normal to shop especially if you are a woman'. Hmm.. let me list the things I have bought and would buy.
  • I would surf the blogs that offer a selection of trendy and colourful hijabs matching them in my mind with the clothes that I have. Now, it has dawned on me that I have too many `tudungs' and half of them is unsuitable for me because they only look nice in the pictures and are actually either too gaudy or too drab in reality. The trouble is I can't stop because I do admit that some tudungs are worth buying. ( I know I'm rambling but this is the place for me to let it all out - I am regretting my impatience here... I should follow the title of my blog - A DAY AT A TIME - a tudung for one shopping session)
  • Before this, I was crazy about books and the poslaju van had been sending parcels of novels to my house on a weekly basis. My husband only shook his head. I finally stopped ordering when I ran out of titles I wanted to collect written by my favourite novelists. One good thing about me is I do not buy randomly. I only buy novels written by my favourite authors. Luckily they only publish one novel per year. It's been 6 months since I last visit the websites selling novels. I could feel my fingertips itching to fly across the keyboard and type the words `historical romance novels'. Stop! Take a deep breath...inhale, exhale...sigh.
  • Today, I came across this article saying that if you can shop from home, why do you go through the hassle of drowning in the crowds of people during a MEGA SALE for your kids clothing at major shopping complexes, torturing your nose with the mixed odour of sweat and stale perfume and of course queuing up to pay for your purchases. Urgh! I could still remember the fight for the best clothes with other shoppers, shooting daggers at each other for managing to grab the best bargain first and those who hog the use of fitting rooms. Not to mention weird shoppers who have the gall to snatch an adorable shirt you have been eyeing for your little tots. Oops! I know I digress from the topic today but I guess I'm building up a sound argument to support my new passion; shopping for my kids' clothes online.
Wow! It does feel great to let it all out. Before this, I just kept to myself because it's not easy to confide in other people about your weaknesses. Hmm...what next? I guess Sophie Kinsella really understands shopaholics in her series. I love the books and hope I won't turn into the main character Becky Bloomwood.